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DEECO Mechatron Marketing Pvt. Ltd., and Deeco Technical Services Pvt. Ltd., controlled by its holding company DEECO Industrial Supplies Pvt. Ltd., provides Marketing and Technical Support services.

DEECO's specialisation is marketing of main Plant & Machinery, Raw Materials, Components and Consumables to the Synthetic Fibre, Polymer Fibre and Film Industry, Worsted Spinning & Fabric Industry, Cotton Spinning & Fabric Industry, Industrial Yarn & Fabric Industry, Silk Processing & Fabric Industry, Knit Goods Wet Processing Industry and the Engineering & Automobile Industry.

DEETECH was established to provide Technical Services to customers. The services include erection and commissioning of plant and machinery, on-going technical support services on contract and any emergency services on call. DEETECH Engineers and Service Personnel are fully trained at our foreign principal's plants for the tasks we undertake.