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ENS Spindle Mfg

An India-Japan Joint Venture for High Speed and High Quality Textile Spindles
Spindle Information, Features and Advantages:
Exemplar-Nihon Spindle products are made with the state of the art design and manufacturing technology, under joint venture collaboration of Nihon Spindle, Japan. Nihon Spindle was established in the year 1918 and is the world leader and specialist in the manufacture of textile spindles.

The textile spindles manufactured by Exemplar Nihon Spindle will have the continuous backup of the research and development work done at Nihon Spindle, Japan.

You are thus assured of the latest technology for the required performance of the spindle with respect to high speeds, precision, durability and vibration free characteristics.
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  • Perfect verticality of spindle is ensured, for better performance and reduced power consumption.
  • Longer life expectancy of spindles due to unique and specialised manufacturing process technology.
  • No extra oil needed during cleaning since extracted oil is used through filter.
  • Wharve diameter of 18.5 mm available as per selection of insert.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • No wear and tear of the base where the ring bobbin sits, as this is made from steel; to always ensure perfect fit of the ring bobbin.
  • Latest inserts from specialist makers with their continuous technology updates can be supplied as per customer choice.

  • High speed up to 25,000 rpm (mechanical) as per inserts selected.
  • Stable and vibration free revolution.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Saving of oil.
  • Easy removal of full cops.
Our spindle has been designed, manufactured and checked to the exact requirements and tolerances for high speed spinning. However, apart from the spindle, please :
  • Ensure that the axial directional load (running part + ring bobbin + yarn volume) and the total length of the ring bobbin are respectively within the specified limit values of Insert makers.
  • select suitable inserts as per the speeds and loads to be used.
  • check the precision of the ring bobbin. This would have a considerable effect on the maximum spinning speed of the spindle. The checks are:
  • run out of ring bobbin on the spindle.
  • clearance at top and bottom seat of the ring bobbin.
  • protrusion of ring bobbin from spindle top should be minimum.

Spindle Information

Textile Spindle Information
For more details and information on the above points, please feel free to contact us or consult specialist insert and ring bobbin makers.
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