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Bailing and Bump press for Spun fibre Benninger Zell GmbH


The Customer's benifit always builds the hub of all efforts at Benninger. Due to long-term and successful business relationships we learned to understand what the importance for our customers is. For this reason we are able to provide you the adequate technology, the optimum plant as well as the best service at any time.

Constancy and Reliability in production:
  • High level of automation of the entire treatment process
  • Use of proven plants and control systems
  • Long-term business relationships with leading Conveyor-Belt manufacturers
  • Long lifetime through intelligent constructions
  • Lowest maintenance and service efforts
  • Trustable and reliable partnership

Reproducible Quality and Reliability:
  • 60 years experiences in treatment of Tire Cord- and Conveyor Belt-Fabrics
  • Long-term process know-how
  • Reproducible fabric quality through recipe management
  • Optimal reliability through process observation and capture of operating data
  • Central software control of all machine equipment

Fastest profitability of your capital investment thru shortest project handling:
  • The first produced roll is for sale
  • Minimal waste
  • Professional project management
  • Intensive customer relationship with service and consultancy
  • In house assembling and testing ensures a fast, sage and easy start-up at site

Long-term optimisation of your operating expenses:
  • Minimal operating expenses for a 24/7 operation 30% less exhaust air by operation of heating zones with exhaust air control system
  • Energy retrieving by means of exhaust air treatment systems
  • Minimal loss of heat by special heating zones isolation (100% tightness)
  • Optimal and constant control of dip pick-up
  • Full automatic preparation of dip solution according to customers' needs
  • Optimisation of operating expenses by efficient software control
  • Best efficiency of drives by feedback of dynamic brake power

Technology Solutions without Compromises:
  • Consultation, companionship and realisation by an experienced team of experts
  • Technological know-how and solutions within the range of raw material process dip solution process and dip process parameter
  • Expertise for treated fabric, chemicals, twisting and weaving, process parameters, optimisation of recipes, quality control and process optimisation
  • Large data base for many applications
  • Comprehensive process know-how in the areas raw material, textiles and chemistry