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Plastic/Polimiroir Films Acrylic

Woollen & Worsted Preparatory Lines of Machines - SEYDEL GmbH
Company Profile
Seydel is a leading company in the manufacturing of machines for the transformation of continuous chemical fibres in discontinuous fibres for wool processes.
At the end of the Thirties Seydel moved from the production of machines for linen, hemp and jute to the manufacturing of tear machines.
Seydel has successfully contributed to the development of tow to top processes first and tow to yarn processes later, including the multiblender and integrated drawing frames. The cutting line with converter for polyester tows was added at the end of the Eighties. Seydel has installed more than 2500 tear machines world-wide, in Europe, USA, Africa, Far East, including China. The high quality and strength level of these machines, which rendered the Seydel brand famous, must be highlighted. They have long been identified with the stretch breaking process.
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