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Reeling Machines - C+L (Croon & Lucke), TEXTILMASCHINEN, Germany

Deeco with C+L (Croon & Lucke) TEXTILMASCHINEN GMBH
  • Deeco is with C+L (Croon & Lucke) TEXTILMASCHINEN GMBH for 25 years.

Company Profile
Since founded in the year 1949, our company is one of the most successful suppliers worldwide of sophisticated textile machinery.
From the real beginning, we helped forming the benchmark �Made in Germany� and carried it into the entire world. Starting with reeling machines, whose excellent reputation spread fast, balling machines and their specific periphery such as band making and packaging devices were integrated in our product range.
Encouraged through our success we started with steaming machines for fine and course yarns.
Outstanding textile machinery from the leading manufacturer of:
  • Reeling machines
  • Steaming machines
  • Balling machines for standard balls, giant balls
  • Packaging machines for balls into plastic bags
  • Band making machines (for hand-knit balls)
  • Sample shade card machines
  • Can filling machines
  • Yarn accumulators/stretching machines


 Product description
Reeling machines
  • change reeling machines
  • double sided reeling machines
Types of Machines

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