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Tyre Cord and Heavy duty Industrial yarn twisting Winding, Assembly, Twisting

DIETZE + SCHELL (Special Purpose Machines for Textile, Plastics and Glass fibre Industry)

Dietze + Schell is one of the leading companies in the area of high quality precision winders and yarn refining machines. Dietze + Schell was founded in 1951 by Bruno Dietze and Dr. Guenther Schell in Coburg, Bavaria. They have been delivering high-tech machines to more than 80 countries for almost 60 years. Their business markets extend from Europe via the USA and into the Far East. With more than 21 agencies worldwide and their own staff in the USA, Russia and China we are able to provide optimum service for our customers. Customer satisfaction because of high product quality and service is the main objective of our enterprise philosophy.

  • Glass fibre
  • Winding Assembly twisting for all segments
  • Astoterf and Carpet yarn
  • Takeup winders and sepeciality machines

Machines and Applications: